CNC External Grinding Machine

The CNC External Grinding modular machine allows for configuration of huge number of alternatives to accommodate all production requirements. The modern technologies of grinding are recognized with the CNC Grinder. A CNC Grinder is well equipped with diverse sizes including one, two or extra grinding spindles with internal or external machining.

The CNC External Grinding Machine provides solutions for internal as well as external grinding for cams including one-offs to the big batch of production grinding.

The accessible modules for CNC External Grinding Machine incorporate dressing attachments of CBN as well as corundum wheels, working holding units, and touch-identification during dressing and grinding. The work pieces may be loaded or unloaded on CNC Grinder having customized work handling systems that include robots and gantry loader. These equipments are complemented with environment friendly processing plants as well as exhaust systems of CNC External Grinding Machine. Conventional applications for Cam Grinder incorporate pre- and finishing grinding of the cam rings meant for injection and vane pumps as well as grinding of internal and external polygons.

The exclamation of X- and C-axis, wheel oscillation of axial grinding with Z-axis, dressing for pre- as well as finishing grinding wheels having diamond wheels, all of these are procedures which provide wonderful grinding results from CNC External Grinding Machine.

Technical Data

  • Work piece dia., max mm 250
  • Work piece length, max mm 100
  • Z-axis travel mm 360

Salient Features

  • Work head is having highly alleviated spindle running through high accuracy antifriction bearings.
  • Effective sealing collection protects all coolant as well as grinding dust entries, therefore increasing life of critical parts like bearings.
  • Slides are particularly designed for superior load carrying capability with accuracy feedback devices.
  • Compound operations with one setup make sure close control over all associated accuracies like Perpendicularity, Concentricity, Parallelism, and Run out, etc.

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